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Will Partick Reed Win Another Major?

With the Masters being played on a tougher set-up, could Patrick Reed win again. This Golf Psychic story was written after Patrick Reed won the Masters. Many of the questions and answers remain.

Patrick Reed hit another pressure packed four footer, this one on the 18th. Dead center! The Psychic exhaled, he felt his stomach relax! Unconsciously, the Psychic had been breathing in uneven spurts since Reed plugged his ball in the bank of Ray’s Creek on #13. Captain America, the hero of the Ryder Cup, was unproven in a Major. With each swing the Psychic, along with golf fans around the world, silently thought, “Is this the swing where the wheels fall off?”

With Mickelson and Tiger already in their jets, and Sergio relaxing in the locker room after refilling his bag with golf balls, Reed held off a covey of fan favorites. McIlroy was a no-show on Sunday. Spieth made a charge, but could not get the critical birdies on the closing holes. Rickie, the golfer that women love and men want to dress like, just ran out of holes. Now Reed, wearing his green jacket, is making a whirlwind tour of Wall Street, the Monday morning talk shows and World Trade Center. The newly crowned Master’s champion is wearing out his new green jacket. The Houston Astros have even given him a World Series Ring. He was the pre-game star, missing the first shot, in the Rockets vs. Timberwolves Round 1 NBA playoff game.

With one eye on the flat screen watching Sports Center, the Psychic reads the newspaper stories and Internet accounts critical of Patrick Reed the person. He was kicked off Georgia’s golf team and has not spoken to his parents for years. Did the Augusta State teammates really root against the golfer who led them to two national Championships?

Is Patrick Reed a one Major flash in the pan? Will he win again?

As the Psychic ponders this question, he retreats to the sanctity of his study. With one hand, he places the turban on his head. With the other, he removes the shammy cloth exposing his crystal ball. With the shammy, he uses both hands to shine the crystal to a stunning brilliance. Only then does the Psychic peer keenly into the depth of the sphere.
First, the Psychic sees a younger Sergio, before he became one of the most loved players in professional golf. Garcia is standing over his ball as he continues to waggle the golf club. Then a pause – and more waggles. “Hit it already!” a frustrated fan calls out from behind the ropes. Sergio backs away and begins the endless waggles all over again.
Sergio’s image fades as Bubba Watson appears, front and center. Below Bubba’s image is a question, asking TOUR players, “Which TOUR player would you most likely not help in a street fight?” Bubba’s name appears first on the list by a wide margin. Next the Psychic sees Tiger riding the wave of popularity. He can do no wrong. Beautiful wife. Great family. On a collision course with Jack Nicklaus to set a Major’s record. The next view of Tiger, he is laying on the ground with a mouth full of gauze and a bloody 9- iron lying nearby. As the truth of Tigers infidelity and his never tell what happens on the road, are slowly disclosed, his popularity quickly fades. The Psychic sees flashes of other top 25 players who have been ridiculed and hated by golf fans. DJ, Fat Jack, Vijay Singh and John Daly are a part of this unwanted line-up.

The Psychic understands. All these golfers have outgrown the troubles of the past. Sports fans are quick to forget, once the villain achieves stardom. “Will Patrick Reed follow is these footsteps?” the Psychic asks
The scene changes, Reed repeatedly opened his red, white and blue yardage book as he studies the myriad of detailed notes. After another consult with his caddie, he hits a perfect wedge past the hole and uses the contour to funnel the ball back down the incline very near the flagstick. Another birdie, the scoreboard shows Reed with a two shot lead after 16.

The event must be a major the Psychic thinks because the galleries are so huge. With the depth of the rough it must be a U.S. Open. The tell-all crystal ball does not show the final results of the (maybe U.S. Open).
Then the scene shifts back to Augusta, GA and a Masters in the future. The Psychic witnesses Patrick Reed negotiate Amen Corner, hitting great shots into proper position followed by clutch putts on the diabolical greens.

Now, with a few silver flakes in his dark hair, Patrick Reed slips another green jacket onto his broad shoulders.

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