The “NEW TIGER” Wins The Masters

One thing is certain: Tiger won't catch Jack at the 2021 Masters. This is a re-run of the Psychic story about Tigers Masters win in 2019.

The “NEW” Tiger Wins The Masters

This is a Golf Psychic story I wrote after the NEW TIGER won the 2019 Masters. Easter Sunday (CV-19 Easter) I watched the re-run of Tiger’s Masters victory. I knew he won. I was still on the edge of my seat watching. Like REALLY fine wine, Tiger has matured.

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Old Tiger
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New Tiger

The Psychic loves the Masters! The Psychic loves Tiger Woods!

With a tear in his eye, the Psychic watched Tiger Woods, the Ultimate Gladiator of Golf, raise both arms to the heavens in a triumphant victory signal. Tiger had overcome huge challenges, both physical and mental, to return to the Major Championship winner’s circle.

After the winner’s strut around the 18th, filled with hugs and high-fives, Tiger Woods proved to the Psychic and the world that he is human. The embrace with his son, Charlie, shared a split-screen with Tiger’s embrace with his father, Earl, at that first Masters victory so many years ago.

The Psychic and golf fans have watched Tiger Woods complete a full cosmic orbit of championship golf and life.

The Psychic recalls a few years ago when he searched his crystal ball for the answer to the question, “Will Tiger ever win another Major?” The all-knowing visionary orb had agreed with The King, Arnold Palmer; Tiger Woods will never win another Major Golf Championship.

“What happened?” the Psychic wondered. The crystal ball has never been wrong? How could the crystal ball be so wrong?

With a troubled heart, the Psychic slowly moves into his study and quietly closes the heavy door. Reluctantly he dawned his turban and removed the shammy covering the clear glass marble.

With both hands holding the glowing sphere, the Psychic peers deeply into the endless space, with eyes showing a hint of betrayal. His mind asked the question, “How could the crystal ball be wrong?”

The ball begins to warm and fills with a mystic smoke. As the smoke dissipates, the Psychic sees a much younger Tiger winning Championships. Tiger is a perfect physical specimen, an athlete who could excel at any sport with tremendous mental toughness. He would not be beaten.

The Psychic knew that the young Tiger was a risk taker on the golf course. As he chased Jack’s Major Championship record, golf fans felt his goal was inevitable. Golf fans did not know that Tiger was also a risk taker in life, with endless energy. As he focused his eyes into the depths of the sphere, the Psychic saw Tiger play golf all day and party all night, then back in the gym at 5:00 AM to lift weights and work out before another amazing performance on the golf course.

The Psychic witnessed Tiger attempt to emulate his father, the rock hard Special Forces soldier. Tiger managed to hide the fact that he was training with Special Forces soldiers. He was sparing with the best of the best in hand-to-hand combat. Tiger sustained injuries that the media swallowed as golf related. He actually won a U.S. Open on one leg, but Tiger was a wounded warrior.

In this same sequence the Psychic winced as Tiger’s wife, the mother of his children, learned the truth, about his womanizing, and went after him with a golf club. She took the children and left. Admitting he was addicted to sex, Tiger sought treatment.

With a broken body and a shattered ego, the Psychic watched Tiger’s attempt to return to Championship form.

Then in a flash of lightening, the young invincible Tiger Woods was dead! In a series of unforeseen events, Tiger had been toppled from golf’s summit and shattering like Humpty Dumpty. All the King’s horses and all the medical men could not put Humpty Dumpty, err Tiger Woods, back together again.

The dawning of a new day! Like Easter, a New Tiger is born!!

Without any preview, the new Tiger, wearing an older man’s body and a balding head, won the 2018 TOUR Championship. The Psychic smiled as he watched Tiger admit that, “Yes, he was a bit surprised.”

The crystal ball revealed a workout program that improved strength and flexibility in Tiger’s old back. Tiger Woods was preparing for the 2019 Masters – playing an old man’s golf game.

The Psychic watched every second of the Masters. Tiger remained near the leaders as he pieced together safe shot after safe shot, round after round.

As long as he could remember, the Psychic had never seen Tiger Woods play a “cat and mouse” game, laying in wait for the leaders to make a mistake. The crystal ball did a sudden replay of Amen Corner where Tiger played away from the pin on #12, as Ray’s Creek overflowed with contender’s golf balls.

He watched as Tiger, once again, used the slope of the 16th green to score another winning birdie. Finally, the Psychic watched Tiger, safely play, the 18th hole for a bogie to win by one.

Cat and mouse, yes! Tiger the new cat! Tiger the big cat! Tiger the mature cat! He snapped the trap shut with a one-foot putt for another Green Jacket.

The Psychic continued to watch as the crystal ball shows a surge in golf’s popularity. Golfers who were Tiger fans but lost interest in the game as their hero faded. Today they are playing again.

Tiger Woods was reborn! Tiger Woods returns to golf, not as the Gladiator, but as the Pied Piper leading a legion of golfers, young and old, into the future.

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