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Scotch Points

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Scotch Points or Baskets

Scotch Points is a game where teams compete within a foursome or against other foursomes.  Each team member’s ball is in play on every hole.  

There are Four Points available on each hole plus the possibility of Bonus Point(s) in Scotch Points.  Low Ball Point – A point is awarded to a team that has the lowest individual score on a hole.  Low Total Point – A point is awarded to the team with the lowest total strokes on each hole.  Nearie Point – A point is awarded to the team with the ball nearest to the hole in regulation (putting for birdie).  Birdie Point – A point is awarded to the team when one or more team members makes a birdie.

Bonus Points – When a team sweeps all four points on a hole, Bonus Point(s) are awarded.  In Five Point Scotch, one additional point is awarded for a sweep.  In Eight Point Scotch, four additional points are awarded.

The losing team may press at the conclusion of any hole and the points are doubled for the balance of the round.  When playing Scotch Points against other foursomes, a tape measure is needed to record the distance to the hole for the Nearie Point.


Baskets is the same as Scotch Points except in Baskets an additional point, Team Low Putts, is awarded for the team with the fewest total putts and two Points (not one Point) are awarded for team Low Total.  When a team sweeps all six points on a hole, the team is said to have the full “Basket” of points and is awarded a “Bonus or Basket” Point.

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