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I must say that I felt sorry for Rickie Fowler at the recent 3M Open. As he was making 8 on #18, I thought of a story I wrote in 2015 when Rickie won the 2015 Player's Championship. He won the tournament but girlfriend Alexia stole the show.

Most characters on the course stories are about the golfers who play the game.  However the most talked about character at last months Player’s Championship was Rickie’s girlfriend, gorgeous model Alexis Randockl!

As Rickie Fowlerwas playing the last four holes of the Player’s Championship in a record setting, eleven shots (birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie) the Television Producer in the truck kept having the cameraman pan back to Alexis Randock, Rickie’s “NOW FAMOUS” girlfriend.

In a recent Arlo and Janis comic strip, Frame 1 – Arlo, the aging comic strip character, approaches a pretty young woman dressed in short shorts and a tank top.  Frame 2 – Arlo turns his head to see some more – as she passes.  Frame 3 – Arlo, with a thought balloon above his head, thinks to himself, “You know you are getting old when you see a pretty young girl and think, ‘she does not have enough clothes on!’”

That comic strip sums up what about 50% of the watchers thought or said when Alexis was crawling all over Rickie.  One thing for sure, Alexis Randock, the model, is one hell of a lot better known than before her boyfriend who won $1,800,000. 

To say that Alexis was dressed inappropriately is an understatement.  People are still talking about her strapless yellow top.  One of my friends told me that his wife said, “I hope she does not fall out of that – what ever you call it.”  

In a recent conversation with my brother who loves to watch golf on TV, and even goes to major golf eventssometimes, but never plays the stupid game.  (He says, “golf is for people who can’t fish.”)  He said, “Rickie Fowler’s girl friend should learn how to respect the game of golf.  Golf is a game for ladies and gentlemen.  That girl, who was dressed like a hooker in those ragged jeans and yellow shirt, dis-respected the game.  Playing at a wonderful golf course like that, they should have never let her in.”

The comments go on and on!

But in this writers eyes, the thing that I thought was totally inappropriate was the way she clawed at “Poor Rickie” all the way to the scorers room after that never-to-be-broken record finish.  In my 50 years of watching golf tournaments both live and on TV I have never see a spouse or girl or boy friend act that way.  The closest I can remember to this kind of embarrassing moment is when Fred Couples’, wife at the time, jumped him after a PGA Tour win.  She came running up to him throwing her arms around his neck and wrapping her straddled-legs around his waist.  Then just hung on! 

As much as I see the humor in the scene at the Player’s Championship, I doubt that it will be repeated in another PGA Tour event.  Something tells me that some of those higher ups in the golf world had a talk with Freddie and Miss Randock.

Final thought!  That winner’s kiss that she put on the 2015 winner of the Player’s was like something out of 50 Shades of Grey, a combination of lust and hungry desire.  

Hope they took a limo to the airport for their trip to the Bahamas to celebrate!

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