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Nationwide Golf Competition

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The Psychic loves all things GOLF! The Psychic loves to play golf. He loves to read golf books and stories, watch golf on TV, and he loves to practice golf. But the thing the Psychic loves the most about golf is the adrenaline rush that occurs when the perfect shot is hit. Especially during a competitive golf situation.

Competition in any form creates winners. Wars, spelling bees, cooking contests, valedictorians in high school and The Oscars all create winners. Sales contests, employee of the month awards and various achievement awards all create winners. In golf, winners are created on each hole in a skins game. Winners are determined in a $2 Nassau. Winners are elated in a Hole-In-One contest. Even senior women’s golf leagues rewards winners with prizes for fewest putts and chip-ins. There is even a salute to the woman who makes a birdie. It is called a “Birdie Shot.” The women carry a flask in their golf bag. When a birdie is made, all players in the foursome have a quick “Shot” to salute the Birdie Shot winner.

Everyone wants to be recognized as a winner. King for the minute or Queen for a day. It is not the amount of the payoff it is the recognition of being a winner. The opportunity to be a winner is the underlying reason many people play golf.

The Psychic is not alone when it comes to loving the competitive segment of golf. During the isolation days that COVID-19 created, golfers missed the opportunity to be winners. Many golfers, like the Psychic, invented competitive games that were played with friends using modern technology like FaceTime.

It started with a simple phone call that went something like this, “Hi, Harry just called to say hello. What are you doing?”

“If you must know, I was practicing my putting on the carpet.”

“That’s just crazy. I was doing the same thing. I was practicing ten footers trying to hit the leg of the coffee table.”

“How many did you make?”

“I hit 10 balls in each practice set. The best I have done is 6 out of 10.”

“I will bet you $5 that I can make more 10 footers than you can.”

“How do I know that you won’t cheat? Let’s use FaceTime as proof.”

Thus, began the daily 10AM putting contest during lockdown. Three sets of 10 shots in each set. Winner of the most sets wins $5.

The idea of golf-based competitions using technology has been rolling in the back of the Psychics mind for weeks. As the digital clock rolled to 4AM, the Psychic was proceeding toward the all-knowing crystal ball secured in his study.

With the worn turban securely in place and the glass marble glowing, the Psychic silently searched for golf competitions that utilize various combinations of space aged technology.

Simulators, simulators and more simulators, nationwide golf competitions utilizing the latest golf course simulators flowed from the depth of the crystal ball. There are golf tournaments already in place where golfers have a fixed period of time to complete a round on famous golf courses. Winning prizes range from insignificant prizes to fantasy grand prizes.

The Psychic discovered that simulator golf competitions range from closest to the hole for big money to scramble tournaments organized by companies for the entertainment of their employees. As the Psychic observed what was available today, and what the future will hold for technology centered on and off course golf competition, he thought of basketball. He remembered betting pools for the NCAA Basketball Championship. What started off as a simple $10 office pool has grown into an industry where gamblers compete for huge prizes. Instead of simply picking the National Champion, fans may compete on point spreads and halftime scores.

Golf and technology will surely create the same growing variety of ways to place a wager and “BE A WINNER” for golfers.

Next the Psychic watched as a video of a golf ball landed of a green. The ball took one hop and spun backwards into the hole. The futuristic video was shot from cameras somehow attached to the golf flagstick. Then the Psychic watched as golfers, playing golf courses scattered across the country, hit shots simultaneously on par-3 holes. Each shot was video recorded by cameras on the flagstick. He watched as golfers topped and shanked shots into the water and bunkers. He watched as golfers skulled shots that hit the flagstick and bounced away. He watched as a golf ball hit a bunker rake and ricocheted onto the green and gently rolled into the hole on the last revolution, bringing back memories of Tiger’s Masters shot.

The next image the Psychic observes the golfer, who hit the bunker rake, holding a check for $25,000. When will that camera attached to a flagstick technology be available, he thought?

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