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Muscles OnThe Golf Course: Forse = Mass X Acceleration

With The Ryder Cup and the Long Drive Championship soon, it is time for another Bryson story.

The Psychic has developed a “crush” on Bryson DeChambeau. Not a lover’s crush, but a crush like fans had for Babe Ruth or Micky Mantle. The crush started when DeChambeau won the NCAA Individual Golf Championship and the USGA Amateur Championship in 2015. (DeChambeau was only the fifth golfer to win both NCAA and U.S. Am in the same year. He joined Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore. Talk about pedigree!) The romance was enhanced when DeChambeau was low amateur in the 2016 Masters finishing T-21.

The brainy Bryson has entertained the Psychic for the last six years. The physics major from SMU has proven that golf is truly a game based on the science of physics – subject to human error. With a Moe Norman golf swing, irons that are built with the same length shaft and JumboMax grips, Bryson DeChambeau does not walk in another golfers footsteps.

In previous columns the Psychic has called Bryson a game-changer, similar to Tiger Woods and “The King” Arnold Palmer. The Psychic defines a game-changer as an athlete, in this case a golfer, who creates a tidal wave in their sport. The Psychic knows that DeChambeau does not have the star power of Palmer or Woods. These two game-changers would be stars if they were only marginally successful.

DeChambeau is a star more in the Jack Nicklaus mold. Remember when “Fat Jack” first came on the TOUR. Nobody really liked the porky fat kid from Ohio State. Over time fans came to appreciate what Jack was doing on the golf course. Jack won major championships with great ball striking, clutch putting and laser focus. The number of Major Championships won by Jack may never be matched.

List the young DeChambeau (that nobody seems to like) along side of the greatest ever – Jack Nicklaus.

Bryson DeChambeau created a game plan based on physics. Then he used the down time created by the virus to completely transform himself to a, bigger-than-life, linebacker look-a-like, smasher of the golf ball. Averaging over 350 yards off the tee, DeChambeau turned Detroit Country Club into a pitch and putt golf course winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic by three strokes.

After watching Bryson humble the golf course with record-breaking length, the Psychic went directly to the study to learn more.

Before the worn turbine was settled in place the crystal ball was glowing. Side by side statistical graphs flashed by year by year. The graph on the left was the increase in annual average driving length on the PGA TOUR. (Of course we all know that the average drive on TOUR is going farther each year.)

The graph on the right was the percentage of TOUR players who workout as a regular part of tournament preparation. The right and left graphs were growing at a remarkably similar pace. TOUR players are getting bigger and stronger. Tiger bulked up and drove it farther! Rory bulked up and drove it farther. Brooks bulked up and hit it farther.

With a flash and a blast sound that shook the room, the words: FORCE = MASS X ACCELERATION!!! The Psychic recalls that formula is Newton’s Second Law Of Motion. From within the glowing globe the Psychic watches examples. The law is easily understood. A small object knocks an object farther the faster it is traveling at the coalition point. Reverse – a progressively larger object traveling at the same speed at coalition point will knock that object farther.

Next the Psychic watches as Bryson DeChambeau works out. The objective of the workout is to increase strength – thus acceleration (swing speed) of club head. The Psychic is focused as he watches Bryson increase his bulk with an increase in caloric intake, through diet and supplemented by organic protein shakes. A stronger golfer with increased swing speed and increased mass will grow the distance a golf ball will travel from both Mass and Acceleration. This generates more Force – Ball Speed, meaning golf ball traveling farther.

Next the crystal ball shows several videos of DeChambeau voicing that he intends to get much bigger! The crystal ball shows Bryson’s golf clothing ripping as his body grows like the Incredible Hulk. As the massive muscular body grows and the golf swing speed increases the golf ball hit with the velocity of bullets disappear into the cloud filled sky. “How far can a human being hit a golf ball?” the Psychic wonders.

With the chamois cover loosely secured over the crystal ball and the turbine resting on the side table, the Psychic exits his study. Instead of assuming his familiar position in front of the flat screen, the Psychic goes to Amazon and orders Organic Protein Powder. He then disappears into the attic and retries the dust covered 10 pound dumbbells and a resistance band.

“I will hit it farther!”

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