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Money Ball, “Nassau” & “Blood Bath”

More ways to win or lose on the golf course.


Nassau is one of the most popular betting games in golf.  A Nassau bet is simply 3 bets made on the first tee: A bet for the best score on the front-9, the back-9 and the full-18 holes.  If you were standing on the first tee and your playing partner said, “How about 2-2-2?”  He means a $2 Nassau.  It could be a Nassau for nickels, dimes, or quarters ($5, $10 or $25).  Ever wondered why golf course score cards have the holes handicapped 1 through 18, with the even numbers on one nine and the odd numbers on the other side.  It is for the Nassau bet.  If Player “A” is a 9 handicap and Player “B” is a 12 handicap (3 strokes difference), “A” gives “B” one stroke on the first, second and third handicap holes on the score card.  Nassau is normally a match play (hole play) bet, but it could be a medal play (stroke play) bet.  Make this clear on the first tee.

Now you know everything about Nassau……..NOT!!  If you agree to a $2 Nassau, you could win or lose $6, right!  Well…….not exactly.  The variations to the Nassau bet are endless.  The “presses” are what make Nassau so interesting.  A “press” is a new bet, for the same amount as the original bet, starting on the next hole.  Usually in Nassau, a “press” occurs automatically when a bet is 2 down.  In a $2 Nassau, if “A” wins the first 2 holes, starting on #3 there is an additional (press) bet for $2 more.  If player “A” won all nine holes he would win 5 bets ($10) on the front nine.  “B” would have lost the original bet and four “press” bets (he was 2 down bets on #3, and #5, and #7, and #9).  Now “B” is starting the back nine having lost $10 on the front-9.  “A” and “B” start the back-9 bet even on #10, but “B” is 9 down, 7 down, 5 down, 3 down and 1 down on the full-18 bet.  If “A” were to win every hole “B” would lose $38 ($10 on the front-9, $10 on the back-9 and $18 on the full-18 bet)………. playing a $2 Nassau.  The thing that makes Nassau such a great game is that as the money gets progressively larger, the “chocking factor” becomes huge.  “Anybody can make a 3 foot putt playing with his wife!”

Blood Bath

Blood Bath is a game where your opponents control which shot your team must play.  Blood Bath is like Scramble, or best shot, where your team plays form where the best shot ended, only Blood Bath is a game where your opponent chooses your worst shot or the most difficult position and forces your team to play from there.    On each shot through the green, drives, approach shots and putts, your opponents chooses which ball your team will play…. the worst one.  Imagine making a nice put but your partner hits it ten feet past, your team putts from ten feet.  The hole is not complete until each player on your team has holed the final putt. 

Blood Bath may be played in a variety of betting games.  Nassau is, as always, the most popular but bets could be per hole or per stroke.  My only suggestion, get a partner(s) who has a consistent game or you could be in for a rough day.    

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