GolfTEC-Proven Path, Proven Performance

The end of Daylight Savings Time signals the abrupt end to another golf season in Minnesota. The lofty goals most golfers set for themselves as they anticipate the start of another golf season never came to fruition.

GolfTEC-Proven Path, Proven Performance

By R.J. Smiley

The end of Daylight Savings Time signals the abrupt end to another golf season in Minnesota. The lofty goals most golfers set for themselves as they anticipate the start of another golf season never came to fruition. By October the vast majority of golfers have actually seen their index increased; meaning that their game has slowly gotten worse. Even though somewhere mid-summer they convince themselves, or in some cases their wives that a new adjustable, white headed, driver will make their game magically better. Or, in some extreme cases golfers talked a family member into a golf lesson or maybe a series of three lessons with their local pro, as a Father’s Day present.

Golf is no different than losing weight. To lose weight or to play better golf, it takes a real goal, a proven system and a commitment to work at it to achieve the results. To buy a new driver or to take one lesson is like buying a bottle of diet pills. Losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change. In golf, if you don’t permanently change your bad swing habits, you will never improve.

In April of 1995 Joe Assell and Mike Clinton, graduates of the Professional Golf Management Program at Mississippi State, created a golf instruction system that would revolutionize the “golf improvement” industry.

GolfTEC has achieved a 95% satisfaction record for over 200,000 students who set realistic goals and follow their proven plan. Each coach at every GolfTEC facility across America has been through an extensive ten-day training program. They understand the importance of each point in their five-step system.

Step 1: Fact Based Diagnosis – Believe it or not, the first step in improving your golf game is to understand your golf goals. The trained GolfTEC coaches ask probing, goal oriented, questions, then repeat those goals (answers) back to the student. This process creates a thorough understanding of where the student and coach are going…..together. Then, the coach performs a complete video analysis of the student’s individual swing and the problem areas. This Fact Based Diagnosis gives the student a complete understanding of their problems. Then a personalized game plan is developed. Because the personalized game plan was developed by the student to achieve his goals, it becomes his plan.

Step 2: Sequential Lessons –
The coach develops a series of sequential lessons that develop the golf swing; piece-by-piece from the ground up. When changing several swing flaws, most changes must be made one at a time, in a progressive series. Then the student has access to the video to produce positive feedback. Swing changes feel bad or funny and most golfers need to see that, even if it feels funny, they are doing it right.

Step 3: Video Based Practice – GolfTEC believes that there are two key practice techniques. First practice is done indoors (technique practice) with video to develop proper mechanics. Then students can take their improving swing to the outdoor range (performance practice). As each step in the piece-by-piece sequence of lessons is learned, the foundation of the improved golf swing is developed.

Step 4: Advanced Retention Tools – GolfTEC provides each student a Player Perfomance Center, a private page on the GolfTEC website, where students can review each lesson, eliminating the worry of forgetting salient points from each lesson as it is right there for them to review.

Step 5: Precision Matched Clubs – Finally, when the student has developed a swing that he plans to take to the course, it is time to go through the precision matching of clubs with the individual. Precision matched clubs are no more expensive than rack clubs and take only a week or two to receive after ordering. These clubs will produce maximum results for the student’s new swing.

So, if you are a golfer who has had it with playing poorly. If you are a golfer who has made the decision to improve your game and enjoy golf more. Now is the time to start! You know from past results, there are no quick fixes! The process takes time and commitment from each student, but with the GolfTEC system, the results are proven. What a wonderful way to spend your winter, taking your time working on improving your golf game.

In addition to improving your swing, GolfTEC also has the g-PUTT system to improve your putting. GolfTEC facilities utilize Foresight Launch Monitors; just one key component in GolfTEC’s advanced Personal Club Fitting. Launch monitor technology provides accurate feedback on club path, club face angle, launch angle, and the distance and direction of every shot.

There are four GolfTEC locations in the Twin Cities area. Go to GolfTEC.com to find a location near you. While you are at the website, you can see what others have said about their experience. You can watch actual video of the teaching techniques. Experience GolfTEC for yourself. Go to the website when you are ready and book your first session online. Learn why GolfTEC’s proven system works! Then, when the snow melts and the courses open, you will finally take an improved game to the course.

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