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Gambling On Live Sports

The Psychic saw the growth of Sports betting several years ago. See the insight of this crystal ball reader.

Like millions of golfers, the Psychic paid his $19.99 to watch Tiger and Phil face off. Who else would golf fans rather watch than two of their all time favorites in a head to head match with a winner take all prize of $9 million?

When a glitch in the TV transmission ended the broadcast before it started, the Psychic was devastated. “What am I missing in real time? Yes, I will get my money back. Yes, I will see partial re-runs. But it won’t be live,” he thought.

A few minutes later the Psychic received a call from a golf buddy. He was able to stream the entire match, including the playoff holes, on his computer. The short little lighted par-3 playoff hole seemed inadequate for the end of such a big match.

Hole after hole, as the match progressed, on the small screen, the Psychic became more depressed. “This whole thing is about The Money!” he reasoned. Not the money paid to Tiger and Phil, but the money that changed hands between betters who took every opportunity to place a bet. What color shirt will Phil wear? Or Tiger? Who will make the first birdie? Will Phil have a 3-putt during the match? What is the Over/Under on birdies, etc?

The Psychic moved to his study to seek answers to his questions on real-time gambling during live sporting events.

Before the Psychic could sit down, the crystal ball exposed a recent story about the NBA and Las Vegas bookmakers.

The NBA had recently signed deals with Genius Sports Group and Sportradar. The deal would provide all sorts of betting data to bookmakers across America. For years gamblers have been able to bet on winners and losers. But in a world where everybody is connected, gamblers can make bets during-the-game. Gamblers can bet on how many points will LeBron score in overtime. Or, will KAT foul out after his 4th foul in the third quarter.

Lightening speed and accurate data transmission is the key to this type of gambling. This proprietary data is now being bought and sold like pork bellies or gold futures.

Believe it or not Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, wants a cut on this giant pot of money for his league. The Psychic learned that, in order for the NBA or any other professional sports franchise to collect a split of the betting money, will require passage of legislation in Washington DC.

The crystal ball flashes forward to a time in 2022 when Congress has given its blessings to the owners of sports franchises and their over paid gladiators to share with the bookies. Those athletes already earn more in a season than many fans make in a lifetime. Now Congress has just given professional sports figures a raise. A raise that will generate more tax revenue.

The Psychic watches as games like Bingo, Bango, Bongo are played for pay for view audiences. The competitors are not as important as the action. There is a bet available on every shot. These gamblers who want to share the excitement of live betting, are as involved as the players in a casual match played for a dollar a point at the local muni. He watches as Professional Long Drive Champions are paired with men and women pros in Scramble events where the fans can bet on who will hit the longest drive. Which woman will make the winning putt? Who will score the nearest to the pin on every par 3? Winners and losers of the matches are not important. But what are the odds of Team “A” getting up and down from the bunker. Super excitement ripples through the fans as they watch the big screens and the small hand held digital devices as the odds on every shot change like the wind direction.

The scene from within the crystal ball changes; the Psychic sees bookmakers making odds on made free throws during NCAA basketball games. Universities share the betting profits from the gaming on first and 10’s during football games. Women’s volleyball will create action on the number of kills their universities’ All American will score in the shortened 5th set.

The Psychic removes his turban and covers his tell-all orb. He tells himself that he is not the one to judge right or wrong, only to observe. Sports betting that was once a back alley plague is now a respected occupation where all share in the action.

As the live streaming of sporting events becomes even more popular so will the instant action that is a byproduct. The amount of Bitcoin bet on each shot will continue to grow.

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