Monday Sept 21, 2020 is the Annual MGA St Tour Finals.  Every year after the Finals I comment to my wife what a healthy looking group the senior golfers are.  It is a good time to re-publish the Psychic story about healthy golfers.

Celebrate Golfers! We Are Healthier Than Non-Golfers

Sept 21, 2020 is the annual MGA Sr Tour Finals. Thanks MGA for the picture of 2019 champions. The Psychic got the inspiration for his story from the Global Action Plan For Physical Activity 2018 - 2030: GLOBAL CONSENSUS FOR GOLF IS IN THE RACE TO TACKLE PHYSICAL INACTIVITY.

The Psychic knows, “Any exercise is better than no exercise.”

But how is playing golf exercise? How can people who play golf a few times per week be healthier than their friends who don’t play? Most golfers don’t do aerobics. Few golfers lift weights. So why is playing golf considered exercise? Especially when riding a golf cart.

With these questions buzzing is his mind, the Psychic retreats to the solitude of his study and goes through the robotic process of placing his well-worn turban on his head and uncovering the tell-all crystal ball.

As the psychic peers deeply into the infinity of his sphere, he is transported into two real life family experiences.

In the first image, the Psychic is seated in a living room of a modern-day home. The inhabitants, all obese, are sitting in over stuffed chairs with their eyes glued to their own personal digital device, while the huge flat screen television set repeatedly spews monotonous trivia into the silent space. Suddenly the doorbell rings and a pizza deliveryman serves up an unhealthy dinner for the second time this week. To this family, exercise is only something that must be paid for at a health club or having a personal trainer stop by their home.

The second image has the Psychic imbedded into a family unit of caveman like humans. These members of a hunter/gatherer clan are lean and flexible. They are in constant motion as they move slowly through the forest methodically searching high and low for protein found in eggs, frogs, birds, turtles and rabbits. They bend over and use their legs and back muscles to pull carrot-like roots from the ground. They stretch to the full extent of their fingers or climb trees to pick fruit, nuts and berries from the branches. The alpha male in the group carries a club or sharp stone used to dig food from the earth or protect the clan from danger.  Mothers carry their young on their chest or back as they move.  Each family member gets a full day of constant exercise just keeping the family fed and safe.

The image changes as the Psychic is now with his usual foursome on Saturday morning. They pull into the parking lot of the local muni. Two are walking and are two are riding. The trunks are opened and the two walkers stretch as they bend and reach to retrieve their pushcarts from the trunk. Again they bend over as they unfold the cart. They bend and stretch again as they retrieve their heavy golf bags and place them on their cart. Again they bend and reach as they grab their golf shoes and tie the shoestrings. The two who ride a power cart repeat the scene without the pushcart. These two carry their clubs to the power cart.

All four go to the practice range where they do a few light stretches and then hit a small bucket of balls. After a few soft wedge swings they each bring out the big stick and swing as hard as possible attempting to get the balls past the 200 yard marker.

The Psychic realizes that each swing of the golf club is similar to the alpha male in the hunter/gatherer group protecting his family.

On the putting green the foursome hits putts for a few minutes, but they must again bend and stretch to retrieve their ball from the cup. On the first tee, the Psychic notices that two members of the foursome are wearing a Fit Bit to measure their steps.

During the 4½ hours in the fresh air, the Psychic notices how many times the golfers took a practice swing, then hit their shot. He also noticed the few steps each golfer took to retrieve his tee or divot. He noticed how many steps are necessary to rake a sand bunker. He watches as the golfers walked around the hole and squatted to get a better read on his putt – to win a $2 Nassau.

As the Psychic enjoyed the day with his golfing buddies he thought of the similarities of playing golf and the continuous actions of the hunter/gatherers.

As the golfer friends were rehydrating in the grill, the Psychic asked the walker who had a Fit Bit on his wrist. “How many miles did you walk today?” The answer of 6.2 miles was a surprise. But the answer to the same question of the player who rode, 3.5 miles, surprised him even more.

No wonder I am a little stiff the morning after a round of golf.

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