Monarch Of The Plains

For two years members of our golf team shared the time-lapse transformation from a raw block of yellow rock to a perfect replica of the American Bison, The Monarch Of The Plains. The process is indelibly etched into our brains as our friend, Fritz, magically converted the immense block of stone into an incredible work of art.

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Bumble Bee Gets A GoPro Look

In these days of skin-tight golf slacks, most readers of GolfTales will not remember those loose fitting double pleated golf slacks from yesteryear. Those slacks left room for a bumble bee fly up the leg.

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What’s in a Name

By Guy Green for R.J. Smiley All golfers know that some bogies are better than others. Making birdie with your second ball, after swatting the first one off the premises,…

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Meet Alan Cull – General Manager Of TPC Twin Cities

Golf fans will never feel the presence of Alan Cull during the 3M Open. Unlike the erratic gyrations of the director of a symphony orchestra, Alan Cull, General Manager of TPC Twin Cities, has the education and experience to host a successful PGA TOUR Event and go completely unnoticed.

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Hummingbird Hats

The Basketball Golf Group, BGG for short, was ready! They had made the annual golf trip since their college years. The BGG had won the small school state basketball championship as high school seniors.

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