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Buddy T’s Scorecard

As the golf season draws to a close the annual season ending tournaments draw near. The story of my friend Buddy T and his scorecard will make you smile.

Buddy T. loves two things:  Playing competitive golf, especially for money.  Making the sale, especially with women!

For years Buddy T. made a good living in the sports memorabilia business.  He loved the action of buying low and selling high.  It seemed that Buddy T. could talk people into anything. He was a real salesman’s salesman. With his movie star good looks, he also made a little extra money as a part time model for a local clothing store chain.  “I just stand there wearing nice clothes.  They take my picture and pay me money.  Easiest job I ever had.”  He would say with a twinkle in his eye and that huge toothy smile.  

Buddy T. loved to play golf and was a tournament regular since his college years in Wisconsin.  He won his share of tournaments, but where he was really tough was at his local golf club where he won most of his bets before a shot was ever hit.  Remember he was a salesman!

As he moved into middle age (over 55) women found Buddy T. intriguingly attractive, with his full head of snow-white hair in contrast to his sun tanned face.  He never wore a cap or visor!  It was fun to go places with him.  As he passed, women would actually turn their heads and stare.

Buddy T. and I were paired together and riding the same cart in the Minnesota Public Golf Association’s Senior Championship at Goodrich Golf Course in St. Paul.  We had played a few holes when the beverage cart came by.  The “Beer Girl” was a nice looking woman of about 35 and Buddy T. immediately started “making the sale”.  He ordered a soda and told her to keep the change, a substantial tip.  They proceeded with the small talk about how long she had done this and what else she did for a living.  Turns out she had a real job working nights in some record-keeping capacity but was working the beverage cart girl job to build up some cash after a messy divorce.  As she left Buddy T. said, “Don’t forget about us, we get thirsty when we play golf.”

A few holes later there she was again, all smiles.  Same result, another soda, big tip, more small talk.  “Don’t forget we get thirsty when we play.” 

On the back nine there she was, not noticing the other three of us.  She was moon-eyed over Buddy T. Then I heard it, the pick-up line of the century!  Buddy T. casually said, “Do you date older guys?”  Pause.  She got a flustered look on her face not knowing exactly how to answer.  She knew that if she said no, he would take it as an insult, that he was old and that she did not date older guys.  

The chess game continued when she answered, “Maybe, I have to go now.” 

When she caught up with us on #15, she said to Buddy T., after another nice tip, “Yes, I would date an older man.”  

Now for the close.  Buddy T. was all smiles and with us as an audience said, “Write down your number and I will call you sometime, SOON!”  

The answer she came back with was a little unusual.  She replied in a low voice, “I am living with a guy but it is not working out, better if I call you.  Give me your number.”

Buddy T. raced over to our cart and quickly came back with a piece of paper folded over.  “Call me soon.”  He smiled as she left.

As we finished the 15th hole and I attempted to record our scores, I noticed that there was only half a scorecard on the steering wheel.  Buddy T. had used the OFFICIAL “COMPUTER GENERATED” MPGA SCORECARD, complete with dots for handicap purposes, to write down his number.  

Again Buddy T. did his masterful sales job.  Selling the tournament committee that a sudden gust of wind had blown the OFFICIAL SCORECARD away.  

Oh, the “Beer Girl” never called.  Guess she did not date older guys after all!   

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