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This is the last Money Ball story for a while. When I got my introduction to Bridge I lost $2.60 in 9 holes. That was a small fortune for a kid making $1.25 per hour.

Bridge is a game copied from the card of the same name.  Bridge can be played by individuals or teams.  A dollar amount (unit) is determined prior to the round, a tee is tossed to determine the order of bids.  In a foursome, player A, the first bidder, would have first bid on holes 1, 5, 9, 13, 17.  Player B would have first bid on holes 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, etc.

On the first hole A bids a score he feels he can make on that hole, a par, bogie, birdie or any score he wishes to bid.  If all players pass, and A’s score on the hole is equal or lower than his bid he would win a unit from each player.  If A’s scores is higher than his bid, he would lose a unit to each player.  

If B does not believe A can make the bid score, B may double or increase the bet to two units.  A may pass, leaving the bet at two units or A may redouble the bet with B and increase the bet to four units.  C and D could pass or double or B, C or D could bid a score lower than A on that hole.  In that case the opportunity to pass, double or redouble would go around again.

Bridge is a fast moving game with a lot of action on each hole before a shot is hit.  Keep the units small until you fully understand the game.       

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