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My entire family is great story tellers. — At a very young age my dad, king of the story tellers, taught my brother and me to be keenly observant. Throughout my life, I have mentally recorded every sight, every sound and every smell… READ MORE 

Cowboy Became A Golfer

My relative, Jim, is the cowboy in this story. He told me the story about his problem with his new golf clubs. A few weeks later he and his wife were in Golf Galaxy and he picked up a copy of TeeTimes. He was leafing through the magazine when he came across this cowboy story – about him. He was halfway through reading it before he realized that it was about him!

In And Out

During the 3-hour drive up north to our annual men’s golf getaway the volume on the bragging rights had increased continually. Over cocktails on the deck of the on-course condo, we hashed and re-hashed handicaps as the number of strokes were finally established. By 11 PM, an hour after our regular bedtime, we dreaming of great golf shots.

Paula Creamer – More Than A USGA Women’s Open Champion!!

In the summer of 2008 historic Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Mn hosted the USGA Women’s Open Championship. Most Minnesota golf fans were pulling for two players, Paula Creamer and Hillary Lunke. Paula Creamer, AKA “The Pink Panther,” was seeking her first win at the US Open. The other fan favorite was Hillary Lunke, the 2008 US Open winner at Pumpkin Ridge, playing golf in her home town. Hillary Lunke did not make the cut. Paula came up a little short down the stretch at Interlachen – BUT SHE FINISHED (the event) WITH STYLE.

Monarch Of The Plains

For two years members of our golf team shared the time-lapse transformation from a raw block of yellow rock to a perfect replica of the American Bison, The Monarch Of The Plains. The process is indelibly etched into our brains as our friend, Fritz, magically converted the immense block of stone into an incredible work of art.

Fast Eddie Manderville

Yesterday Minnesota and golfers everywhere lost a true ambassador. Manderville quote: “In all my years playing competitive golf, I have never had a race problem. When you have a strong game and a smile on your face, people forget about race.”

Eddie Manderville was living proof that the great game of golf is colorblind. Eddie was a great golfer. He was a true competitor. He was a wonderful gentleman!

For those of us who knew Fast Eddie and his long time golf partner Harvey Borseth, can you imagine the games they will have on that big golf course in the sky.

Shark Attack At Bodega Harbor

Playing golf for 65 years has produced many memories. But nothing will surpass the surreal experience of playing golf at Bodega Harbor. The cold wind off the Pacific Ocean and kaleidoscope of rain, fog and brilliant sunshine on a spectacular golf course were amazing. I did not see the Great White – But the waitress told us about it. Comment if you wish.